Our membership of over a hundred households and businesses resides in more than a dozen states. We communicate through four US-mailed quarterly eight-page Newsletters, with content being new materials and information submitted by members as well as news of local Greenfield events; we also communicate through individual email contacts, membership business meetings, and sponsoring of local events.

Annual membership for two individuals in one household, which includes our quarterly Newsletter is $15. Sponsoring business membership, which is acknowledged in Newsletters, is $25. All but $5 may be tax-deductible because we are a 501C3 organization. Additional donations may also be tax-deductible.

You may obtain a membership by sending a check payable Greenfield Historical Society to: Jeanne De Ianni  4151 S. 103 Street  Greenfield WI  53228.

The 136 page History of Greenfield 1841-1976 may be purchased for $9 postpaid by sending a check payable Greenfield Historical Society to: Greenfield Historical Society, 11745 W. Wooded Ct., Greenfield WI 53228.

The Society’s 1836 Finan-Gabel-Bodamer Log Cabin and 1856 Montag-Boogk cream brick cottage on our one-acre property at 5601 West Layton Avenue are open to visitors from 2-4pm on the fourth Saturdays of June, July, and August.

Our business meetings are in the lower level of the Greenfield Public Library 5310 West Layton Avenue on second Wednesdays April-September and November, starting at 6:30pm and adjourning when business is concluded and before 8pm.

You may address questions about membership to greenhistory@outlook.com

Sample one-page selections from two of our Newsletters follow:

A State of Wisconsin Historical Marker sponsored by the Society and located at the entry to City Hall relates the transition from a rural town to an urban municipality.