The new Greenfield Public Library that opened in 2010 includes an archival repository that is operated by the Society. The 15x22 room contains a large collection of printed materials, manuscripts, and photographs that are cataloged according to a system developed by the Wisconsin Historical Society. The core items of the collections are volumes of the original Town records dating from as early as 1842 that enable us to determine details about early residents that are not available elsewhere. We also have large numbers of other written and photographic items donated from many sources.

The “closed stacks” facility is not “Open to Visitors” and has no “appointment hours”. After receiving requests for information, if we determine that we have it, we can retrieve it with minimal expenditure of time and wear on the materials and can provide the data in print or in scanned copies of the document/photograph. If you seek information, please contact us at greenhistory@outlook.comand furnish details. If we indicate in reply that we can provide pertinent data, we require that you first take a membership in the Society as per our Contact/Membership information.

The Town of Greenfield Historic Quilt, funded and created by the Society in 2001 with patches from many contributors, is inside the north entrance to the Greenfield City Hall at 7325 West Forest Home Avenue. Each of the thirty-six squares depicts one or more subjects within that one–square mile area of the former Town of Greenfield. A brochure in a nearby pamphlet rack provides details.